I’m Irish, just turned 60 (ouch) and and wondering where the last 40 years went. I have a husband (in residence), two grown-up daughters and a new, beautiful grandson. I live in Co Laois but Donegal is ‘home’ home and I miss it.

To pay the bills, I edit for the Plain English Service in Ireland; I lecture (sometimes) in various educational establishments; I work as an external authenticator/examiner for QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland); and I design and deliver editing and journalistic writing courses for anyone who wants them.

I’m a general pen for hire – I’ll write pretty much anything for pretty much anyone who’s paying.

I’m thinking about running courses in English language usage for Business because I nearly faint on a daily basis at the poor quality of business communications from people who should know better.

Oh and I also correct people’s spelling and grammar on Twitter. They don’t always appreciate it. But I don’t care.


7 Responses to About

  1. Clairey says:

    Eh………sorry about that!! 😀 xxx

  2. Katy says:

    Well, I’m 29…coincidence!?!?

  3. John says:

    …………………….ish????????????????????????????? 🙂

  4. Arnold O' Byrne says:

    I hope you are the Berna I am anxious to contact. Remember a verse to one of Percy French’s songs which you sent to me in 2000 when I was retiring? If this ‘rings a bell’ then please email me, if not apologies for such a vague email..

  5. Sally McBride says:

    …..ish???!!! Can’t laugh really as I’m not far behind! From another Donegal emigre – (sounds more interesting, especially as I’m only over the border!!). Mount Errigal (hotel, not mountain) any time??!! Sally

    • Gaga Lady says:

      You’re not the first to take me to task about the ‘ish’! I reckon you can only update the ‘ish’ on the half-decade. A bit to go yet. 🙂 And I’m hanging on to it for dear life.

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